Seaford Silver Band playing a brass band concert on Eastbourne Bandstand

The picture above was taken in 2002 at the Eastbourne Bandstand. The Seaford Silver Band were playing as part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations in honour of Her Majesty the Queen.

Original SSB Member sisters
Sisters and early band members Sylvia Lucas (left) and Valerie White, both Nee Lockwood.

Opening 'The Shoal' and images from Bishopstone Fete 2017

Opening the Shoal Bishopstone Fete 2017
Bishopstone Fete 2017 Bishopstone Fete 2017

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Original SSB Member sisters
Seaford Silver Band at Bonningstedt in 2011.

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The Band's Germany Tour 2011

Seaford Silver Band 'A Touch of Brass' in 2018


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