Seaford Silver Band playing a brass band concert on Eastbourne Bandstand

History of Seaford Silver Band

The Seaford Silver Band has a history dating back as far as 1922. There have been a number of 'different' engagements over the years and the following details some of those. The dates may not be entriely accurate but the events are firmly impressed in the minds of the 'older' members.

Seaford British Legion Band 19221922
Formed originally as Seaford British Legion Band, consisting of mostly brass and reed instruments

The first record of the Seaford British Legion Band marching in a contest in Ostende, Belgium.

Disbanded due to call-up of members into the armed forces

The band reformed and undertook small engagements

It was decided to change to Brass instruments only in order to undertake contesting. Sylvia Lockwood joined the Band to learn to play a Cornet. Up to this time bands only had male members - Sylvia was the first female member of a Brass Band, in the South of England, if not, all of England.

1947 - 1960
The Band changed its name to Seaford Silver Band and to a Brass Band format instead of Brass and Reeds to enable it to compete in Brass Band competitions. One of the early contests took place at the Central Hall Westminster.

The Lockwood FamilyContesting continued very successfully in the early 50's so that the Band moved from fourth to first section competition in as many years. In recognition of the Band's success the Southern Counties' summer brass band contest was held in the Crouch Gardens during this period, involving many other bands.

1960's - 1970's
Regular exchanges took place with the School of Music in St. Valery-en-Caux, France, the Band performing many times in St. Valery and on one occasion entering a festival of music with the French Bands. Performances also took place in Dieppe.

Performed on board the mv 'Senlac' at HM the Queen's Silver Jubilee Review of the Fleet.

Performed, also on board the 'Senlac' off the coast of Normandy during the 40th anniversary celebrations of the D-day landings.

Played the part of the Seaside Band on Eastbourne Bandstand in the then Queen Mother's Command Performance film '84 Charing Cross Road'. Judy Dench, Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins featured.
Several performances at the Brighton Engineerium playing background and, unusually, dance music, for functions, weddings and also for the Mayoress of Hove's Annual Charity Ball.
1990's to date
The Band has undertaken several visits to Boenningstedt, our twin town, performing there and also in Hamburg. For the first few visits the Band travelled by ship from Harwich, giving several performances on board. This year at the invitation of the Friends of Boenningstedt the Band went to Windsor, with the
visiting choir, playing on board a Thames river boat.

Played on Eastbourne bandstand (pictured above) on the day of HM Queens Golden Jubilee

The first 'Proms' Concert at Seaford for the Seaford Marello Rotary Club. Repeated each year to date.

Seaford Silver Band at Eastbourne Bandstand

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